SO MANY efforts have been taken for learning English, not only by me but also tons of people who speak English as the Second Language. As you may find in the website, I am still making mistakes, and learning English is still part of my daily practices. While this learning process is going, I am keep reflecting on my experience, and also catagorizing tools that I am using, highly recommend for various purposes to improve English.

Important ideas to keep in mind

  • As a bilingual speaker, you are already smarter and access more, be confident and believing yourself is important.
  • English is just a tool for using – for hearing ideas from others, for expressing yourself. Don’t afraid to be wrong or not being perfect – messages exchanging is the most important thing.
  • Keep practice, practice, and practice.
  • ……

Software / Apps

  • Eudic 欧路词典 / Oxford ALD – Dictionary – PC, iOS, Android
  • Grammarly – Chrome
  • Aboboo – Listening / Speaking Practice – PC, iOS
  • 轻听英语(朗易思听)- Android, iOS
  • Audible – Listening practice – Android, iOS
  • Medium – For practicing time-limited Reading – Website, Android, iOS
  • ……

YouTube Channels

  • Rachel’s English – I am using Rachel’s English almost everyday! Even today. This is extremely useful for the natural way of speaking.
  • Maaaxter English – Very practical way of using English for Chinese who are about to or just started living in English speaking counties, particularly in north America.
  • engVid: Learn English – Learn English with Emma [engVid] – I was watching this channel a lot when I was just start taking ESL courses. Especially when some basic grammar or phrase I didn’t fully digest in class, I would watch the videos in this channel. I also used this channel quite often when I was preparing IELTS testing.

Resourses in U of R

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