高玉洁 Gao Yujie (She, Her, Hers)

Gao Yujie (b.1991, Henan, China) is an interdisciplinary media artist whose practice and research concentrate on interactive media art and durational performance art. Her work employs existing and emerging technologies to produce an artistic environment that emphasizes audience participation and experience. By playing with light, space, sound, and movement, she creates interactive installations, kinetic sculptures, and most recently site-specific durational performances. Her artistic creation, interests and concepts are deeply inspired by nature; however, the work process is driven by technology which combines electronic engineering and computer science, focusing on the different sensory stimulation of the viewer’s behaviour through different media platforms.

Yujie holds M.F.A. in Media Art Design from the Central China Normal University, Wuhan, China and is now taking her doctoral program in Digital Arts & Humanities at University of British Columbia. Her work has been exhibited and performed internationally in art festivals, museums and galleries including Venice International Performance Art Week, K11 Art Space, Today Art Museum, Guanshanyue Museum. Her work was also longlisted for the global digital art award – 2017 Lumen Prize.


Research Specialization Keywords: Creative Technology, New Media Art, Performance Art and Interdisciplinary Studies
Research Disciplines: Media and Visual Arts
Areas of Research: Arts and Technologies


University of British Columbia, Canada
PhD in Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies (Digital Arts & Humanities)
2020.9 – Ongoing

University of Regina, Canada
PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies at Faculty of Media, Art and Performance
(unfinished, continuing program at UBC)
2018.9 – 2020.8

Central China Normal University, China
M.F.A. in Media Art Design at Faculty of Fine Art, Supervised by Professor Zheng Da and be honored as his first grad student.
2014 – 2017

Central China Normal University, China
B.A. in Animation (Game Design) at Faculty of Arts; Minor in Psychology
2010 – 2014

Work Experience

2019.6 – 2021.4
Research Assistant for Dr. Rebecca Caines – Canada Council for Arts funded Project: “MultiPLAY: Digital community-engagement with Canadian Improvisers”

2018.10 – 2019.4
Research Assistant for Dr. Megan Smith – SSHRC Project “Riding through Walls”
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)

2013.6 – 2017.12
Research Assistant for Professor Zheng Da, School of Fine Arts, Central China Normal University

2013.6 – 2017.12 (4 years)
Low-Tech Art Lab
Interaction Designer, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Artist Research Assistant, Video Director, Project Manager, Lab Manager

Low Tech Art Lab is an interdisciplinary art team in China that exploring the low-tech artistic experiments in the hybrid media environment. In the lab, we experiment with many new materials, crafts, technological tools, and display platforms. We interested in the topic of participation in the present media era, exploring the interaction between human and machine through various forms and different media artworks. Low Tech Art Lab’s work encompasses virtual artificial intelligence, interactive LED installation, dynamic mechanical installation, interactive video, and game, etc.

Low Tech Art Lab attempts to discover the changing of how artists work and bring the experimental elements to creation. In the lab, hardware engineers, creative programmers, interaction designers and sound artists are working together. Artists’ cooperation and knowledge sharing become the new work model, which makes the research topics trending
more futuristic.

Personal Statement

My interest in art and interactivity started in 2013 as an undergraduate student. I am interested in researching how humans develop their senses, separate them and learn to act based on them, a field called the “multimodal nature of cognition.” I am particularly interested in moments of sensory overload. My master’s work explored this theme through water and light, using micro-controllers, motors and LEDs, it was exhibited in the Today Art Museum in Beijing. I explored contemporary approaches to new media art in China. I also worked in iOS development with an art team called Low Tech Art Lab, and our apps were recommended by Apple, and appear as top Chinese apps on the AppStore. My experience thus spans HCI and interaction art. I am working together with the people who comes from different backgrounds including engineers, programmers, project managers, designers in industry and creative technologies applications.

In my Ph.D., I want to further explore the moment of sensory slippage. I would also like to investigate what has been called a “Flow State” which is an unconscious behavior state, experienced by those who are confident in their skills and able to suspend judgement and not concentrate on goals. I argue that perhaps there could be a kind of freedom in these moments. I believe that even though we all face over stimulation in this crazy world, when people can be immersed in an artistic moment that is almost close to meditation, this could be a happier state than our contemporary anxieties.

Selected Works

“Performer of December 2020”, A daily durational performance in December 2020, Livestream on YouTube for 31 days.

“Do Memories Dreams”, A collaborative work with Da Xu, Generative Visual Graphics, Online
“I See Reflections in Your Eyes”, 5-hour Performance, Venice International Performance Art Week (Jan 8th – 18th), Venice, Italy

“Unsettling Light”, Site-specific Performance (Ongoing Project)

“Getting Lost in All Destinations”, Socially-engaged Art (Ongoing Project)
“Untitled Reflection”, Experimenting on the Reflection of Light      

“Sensory Overload”, Inter-Media Installation

“The Unfetter Language of Machine”, Interactive Light Installation – Light Animation Design

“Reboot Virtually”, Art Book Publication, Wuhan University of Technology Press, Project
management, Book Cover Designer

“Low Tech Art Project + Zheng Da”, Art Book Publication, Wuhan University of Technology Press, Project management, Designer

“CAI”, Projection Mapping Interactive Game

“Plant Emotion”, Interactive Installation based on sensor

“Mr. Robot” Series interactive E-book based on iOS, UI Designer and part of program coding

Selected Awards & Scholarships

University of Regina Global Education Scholarship, UR International
MAP Grad Scholarship (GPA above 80%)
MAP Travel Funding
FGSR Travel Funding

MAP & UR International Scholarship

“Sensory Overload” Longlisted for the 2017 Lumen Prize Awards
Central China Normal University, Excellent Graduation Thesis, “The Study of Participation Meaning of Interactive Art”
Central China Normal University, Excellent Graduate Work, “Sensory Overload”

Central China Normal University, Graduate Scholarship

Central China Normal University, The First Prize Scholarship
Department of Culture of Hubei Province, Department of Education of Hubei Province, College Students’ Creative Design Competition, Excellence Award, Interactive App “Mr. Robot 2 Half Hour City”

Central China Normal University, The First Prize Scholarship
Central China Normal University, Excellent Postgraduate Candidates Exempt from Admission Exam

Projects and Exhibitions



  • MAP Grad Mini-Symposium – Three Minute Thesis Competition
  • IAST 2018 – Interactive Art, Science, and Technology in Western Canada, University of Lethbridge – Student exhibition – “Sensory Overload”
  • Nuit Blanche Regina, 2018 – Guest artist


  • “.ZIP”, Future of Today, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China
  • “Sensory Overload” Graduation Exhibition, Central China Normal University, Wuhan, China


  • Exhibition “Post-machine: Imagine HOLOS”, Documentary Director and Photographer, K11 Art Foundation, Wuhan, China
  • Workshop Instructor, “Interactive Art with Light”, K11 Art Village Workshops, Wuhan, China
  • Live Performance with Electronic Band Cod New, VOX Live house, Wuhan, China
  • Academic Research of “Interactive Exhibition Design in Science Center”, Science and Technology Museum of Hubei Province, Wuhan, China
  • Academic Research of “Large-scale Interactive Installation in Science Center”, Science and Technology Museum of Hubei Province, Wuhan, China


  • Exhibition “Super String / Lin Xin”, Documentary Director and Photographer, Wuhan art museum, Wuhan, China
  • Series Art forum “The Evolution of Inter-Media Art”, Project Coordinator, Graphic Designer
  • Series Art forum “Shifting Boundary: Rethinking of Media Art and Art Museum Curatorial”, Project Coordinator, Graphic Designer


  • “Virtual Fragments” Interactive Lighting Installation, Sound Design, Prototype
  • Wuhan New World Real Estate App Project, Project Manager
  • Wuhan Hi Department Store business activities, Project Manager
  • “Invasion Project—Zheng Da solo exhibition”, Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Art, Exhibition Designer
  •, Web Designer
  • Institute of Contemporary Art of Central China Normal University, Project Management, VI Designer
  • Animation for Wuhan Morning Newspaper Company, Project Leader, Animation Designer


Gao Yujie × Low Tech Art Lab: Everything is Just Perfect, Today Art Museum “.ZIP” Forum

Volunteer Activities & Community Services

  • Technical Support for Regina Art Gallery – Moving Pictures (2020.07)
  • University of Regina CCE’s Student Appeals Committee Member, Academic Rep. (2018-2020)
  • Volunteer as “ESL friends” – ESL Orientation, University of Regina (2018, 2019)
  • Volunteering at Congress 2018 of the Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Regina (2018)
  • Volunteering of Regina Multicultural Council – 2018 Mosaic Pavilions
  • Leader of raising donation for Zixi Poverty Areas, the city of Zeku, Qinghai Province, China (2013 – 2014)
  • Volunteering at Wuhan Huquan Community as Summer Art Camp Instructor, teaching fine art and craft skills for kids and elder from the community (2010 – 2011)